You know life is a funny thing… you have energy when you are young and the time when you are older…the perspective about life is the same, it varies depending on your seat.  Sometimes you look out a window and see a sunny, inviting day.  Depending on the season if could be exceptionally hot or cold…its all perspective.

For marketers, perspective can be a powerful tool or a misleading foray into challenge.  Depending on where your client is sitting, their perspective can be dramatically different and their “vision” will be focused on their needs.

When we were young and engaged in math class, one long-standing lesson is that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line… True.  However, life never operates in a straight line and consumer buying behavior does not either…there are many influencing factors.  However, with the right perspective, we gain valuable insight to guide is correctly.

Q:  What is this powerful insight that gives us better perspective?

A:  Life stage

While everyone in bank marketing is scurrying around trying to gain momentum within a marketplace, increase brand awareness, position products, and be visible to your targets…most miss the most important tool to target your message. It’s knowing the life stage of your targets and delivering the message… or conversely, place your message where people seek life stage support.

For instance, we have family with children getting ready to graduate high school.  A big change for the family, the student and the household.  Where are they seeking support?

  • Student loans
  • College selections
  • Dorm supplies
  • and more

So, how do you get in front of this group?  How do you know that THIS family is experiencing THIS life stage?

The reality is that you may NOT know about THIS family… but you DO know of similar families undergoing a similar life stage.  Simple solutions…

  • College selection micro site available via your website
  • Branch displays of cool dorm gear
  • Emails with tips on college funding

The key is fundamentally based on content marketing…again, perspective comes into play. My perspective might be toward college and your may be toward buying a new car.  With properly placed content marketing you address and target both audiences with a relevant and meaningful message, based on THEIR perspective… its the only way to be seen and heard effectively!

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