Sometimes unforgettable experiences can come from tragic circumstances.

I recently took my parent’s 15-year-old dog to be put down. I know, “what a buzz-kill,” right? Sorry, but the story gets better.

Anyway, the decision, as you might expect, was agonizing. We looked at every possible alternative, and then some. But in the end, we determined that it was for the dog’s best quality of life.

The vet understood the anguish and did her best to reassure.

Three days later, I received a card in the mail, from the vet. I expected a sympathy card and thought it was “nice.” Then I opened the card…

Inside, was a lengthy, handwritten, personalized note. It empathized with the painful choice. It emphasized her professional opinion that we had taken the right action. It recognized the sacrifice of a son protecting his parents from further suffering. In short, it said EVERYTHING that I needed to hear.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ve heard me say it before … but it can not be said enough …
As banking professionals, we deal with people’s money. 

Aside from family (and dogs) what can be more emotional than that?

And people care MOST about their money when they are going through major life changes … marriage, babies, new homes, divorce and even death in the family. These are the times when we are needed most!

Now, think back to this example. I “expected” a sympathy card. The thought that the card was sent was “nice.” On my 1-10 “happy-meter” it took me to a 5 or 6. But, the note … ahhh, THAT took me all the way to 11 (as Spinal Tap might say).

The vet could have said that she was too busy for a personalized note (because I’m sure she was). She could have assumed that the standard card was enough (because it probably would have been). She could have cashed my check and forgotten I existed. But she didn’t … and I’ll never forget it.

What will you do TODAY to make sure your customers and members have unforgettable experiences?

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