Everything always goes the way it should, all the time. That happens for everyone. Right?

Well, even if that is the case, it’s always helpful to be able to make changes when something doesn’t go to plan. Last week, I was finishing up a bookcase for my wife’s home office. I had a plan about what kind of finish I was going to use and had the perfect vision of what the finished product was going to look like.

As it turned out, that didn’t happen as I had pictured. First, I didn’t have the color finish that I had pictured for the species of lumber I used. And once I put the piece together, it was apparent that a couple of additions were going to have to be made to ensure that the case wouldn’t fall, loaded with books, if, say, one of our dogs went running into it at high speed.

In the end, I was able to pivot quickly and make the necessary changes. And as luck would have it, the finish that I had on hand turned out to give the bookcase a unique flair that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

Sometimes campaigns, projects, promotions, etc. work out, sometimes they work out differently than expected, and sometimes they don’t work out at all. Being able to change course to amend the outcome is what marketing is all about! It’s one of the reasons I like digital marketing so much. If an ad isn’t delivering the way it’s meant to in the first 48 hours, it’s easy to make changes to see if the outcome can change, too.

With most of the year out in front of us, where do you anticipate you’ll need to make changes on the fly in 2024? Will they be easy to make? Tell us below!