A lot. You probably know him by his stage name, Muddy Waters.

Like a lot of musicians, singers and actors, he changed his name to, in effect, create a better brand for himself. A name that had sizzle, cool appeal, etc.

Consider these notables who, for the sake of their personal brands, did their careers a favor by changing their names:

 Jason Alexander: Jay Scott Greenspan
 Don Adams: Donald James Yarmy
Tim Allen: Tim Allen Dick
Freddie Mercury: Farookh Bulsara
Joaquin Phoenix: Joaquin Raphael Bottom
Groucho Marx: Julius Henry Marx
Bono: Paul David Hewson

Maybe your bank or credit union’s name is tarnishing your potential star power? We recommend a name change if:

  • Your name causes confusion in the market place.
  • There is a negative perception in the marketplace
  • Or it simply no longer reflects the institution you have become

We recently completed two major rebranding projects, both of which including new name development.