Yep, I realize that 46.32% of all statistics are made up …. But these kinda blew my mind.

I share them here because I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll want to share with your team for training and with your customers/members to help educate them – you’re always looking for good social media content, right?

  1. Balance a checkbook69% of people do not balance their checkbooks
    It’s amazing that only 18% have overdrafted their account in the past year.
  2. 24.3% of American families have no savings whatsoever
    And approximately 7.7% of American households function without a bank account
  3. Average American household debt: $117,951 (more than 2.5 times the average household income).
    Even if you differentiate by helping people GET OUT of debt, you’ll still have great loan numbers.
  4. The average credit card debt is $2,650
    How does that compare with your numbers? If your numbers are lower, there is likely opportunity to steal balances from another institution’s card.
  5. 19% of people have used mobile phone banking in the last year. 56% have paid a bill through online banking in the last month. 78% say that they are satisfied with their bank’s online system.
    Your technology matters, it’s worth the investment. Make sure your staff use it and are familiar, first hand, with every aspect.
  6. Baby boomers are the best saving generation
    I would have assumed one generation older. Target your message accordingly.
  7. Almost 50% of Americans wouldn’t be able to cover unexpected expenses of $500.
    Almost 25% would not be able to cover even $100. And only 17% say they have a 3-month emergency fund saved. We need to educate!
  8. More than 25% of adults aged 50 to 64 aren’t saving anything for retirement
    Don’t assume that people age 50+ don’t need Investment referrals.
  9. Average cost to raise a child to adulthood: $245,340
  10. The average wedding cost $28,082; The average honeymoon: $3,700.
    Numbers 8 and 9 speak to the importance of Life-Stage Marketing.
  11. Tooth Fairy81% of kids received a “gift” from the Tooth Fairy for a lost tooth (Average of $4.36 per tooth in 2014)
    She’s had a 72.33% increase since 2010. It’s good to be a fairy! Who says the economy is in the tank?
  12. For new car purchases: 43% finance; 21% lease; 36% purchase the vehicle outright
    At any given time, roughly 13% of your customers are planning on buying a new vehicle in the next 6 months. This should be a consistent, ongoing message to stay top-of-mind.
  13. In 2015, the average income of someone with a Bachelor’s degree was DOUBLE that of a high school drop-out. That same Bachelor’s degree earned only 62% of someone with a Professional Degree.
    Push those student loans as an investment!

Do with these statistics what you will:

  1. Average number of times a person visits an ATM per month: 7.4
  2. National average FICO credit score: 691
  3. There is a $14,000 pay gap between men and women’s average salaries. A $75,000 gender pay gap among physicians/surgeons.

Most statistics came from

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