Creativity is a funny thing. Sometimes it just seems to flow out, and everything you write, design, or make is awesome. Other times you stare at a blank page with a blank mind and everything you do come up with is terrible. When your entire job depends upon your creativity, you usually don’t have the luxury of just waiting for it to pass. To get the creativity flowing again, here are some quick tips to help you get out of that rut:

1. Get Out

Get away from your workspace. Go on a walk. Take a quick trip to the coffee shop or that cool store with the weird trinkets. A change of scenery can stimulate the brain and bring fresh perspectives.

2. Look at Other Creative Work

Flip through a magazine, check out a design blog, do a Google image search, or even go through some of your own past work. Seeing what others have done can sometimes jumpstart an idea you can get excited about.

3. Pencil it Out

Go old school with a pencil and paper. Sketch some concepts. Write out those headlines. Even just doodling can help your brain transition into its creative mode.

4. Try Something Different

Throw a wrench in your creative process by not doing the same things the exact same way you usually do. If you’re always writing informative copy, change it up and write something silly and fun. If you always use a stock image in your designs, try creating something typography based. Pushing yourself in a new way can open up a slew of new ideas.

5. Brainstorm Without Limitations

Free yourself from constraints and details like cost, standards, or resources and let your mind go. Keep your goal in mind, and come up with as many ideas as you can. Don’t limit yourself by thinking any of them are bad and write out every wacky thing that comes to mind. When done, look through what you have and see if you have anything that sparks something you can actually build upon. You might just find something you’re very excited to create.

Creative ruts happen to us all. No matter what, remember it’s not going to last forever. Stick with it and you’ll find your way back out of it.