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Segmenting Your Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing. It’s the piece of digital marketing that lets you find out what your spouse [...]

Marketing Minute – I Wonder…Theory of Relativity

Mould Your Brand to These Millennial-Favorites

When you look at which national brands Millennials prefer, you can gather clues in how [...]

Keyword Marketing: Bidding on Your Competitor’s Keywords

Here’s the scenario: a small community financial institution in a populated, saturated market is looking [...]

Avoid Those Pesky FEE Bites!

We recently completed a market survey for a client, and learned: What would make customers [...]

Marketing Loans in a New Rate Environment

At the end of January 2018, the Federal Reserve Bank announced that it would not [...]

5 Tips for “Driving” Auto Loans

The following is an excerpt from “Checking & Loan CSI,” a presentation I’ll be conducting [...]

Sales Training – Features vs Benefits

If I ever find myself at the Winter Olympics, I’m gonna hang out with the [...]

Marketing Minute – I Wonder…Flexibility

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