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Is Your Management Style More Like an American or Asian Parent?

In the classroom or in the office, we all want our kids and staff to [...]

Marketing Integration and Measurement

With all marketing, the key to success in today’s economy is integration and measurement. With [...]

Let’s Get Digital: Don’t Be Forgotten. Get Automation.

Let’s take a moment to remove ourselves from the shoes of being financial marketers. Just [...]

Let’s Get Digital: Stop Fin-splaining Digital Offers

As I was performing my daily ritual of surfing the latest news and scrolling through [...]

Let’s Get Digital: Email Isn’t Dead

As a financial marketer, if you had to pick one, what piece of customer or [...]

The Sea of Life

In the vast ocean of life, an insignificant ripple, over time and distance, can become [...]

A Branding Story: So I Bought a Pair of Skechers Running Shoes

As community financial institutions, sometimes we have a hard time effectively communicating the value and [...]

What’s wrong with this ad? How does it relate to your bank or credit union?

Can you spot what's wrong with this ad? A father is cleaning out his Subaru [...]

Your Brand: Is it About Connecting?

This past Memorial Day weekend, my family and I spent a lot of time on [...]

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