The dawn of a new decade approaches and with it comes new design trends. Here are our favorites:

1. Warm-toned, neon gradients

Gradients aren’t new, but we’re loving the trend of using warm, neon hues to heat up a brand. It’s a look that is refreshing, distinct and really pops on digital.

2. Refined line art

Nostalgic and charming, the refined line art trend comes from the adult coloring book craze that came about a few years back. Refined line art isn’t just a simple black and white stick figure, but instead gives a more engaging, professional look.

3. Earth-toned, natural branding

As we look to the future of design, it’s go green or go home. The rise of earth tones and brand designs that are close to nature have evolved from recent eco-focused cultural shifts.

4. Nuanced minimalism

Clean and simple never goes out of style, but this style takes it up a notch by using negative space to create components you wouldn’t expect. This style works particularly well for web design and gives an element of luxury.

While these certainly aren’t the only things trending as we roll into the 2020’s, we can see these four used successfully throughout the financial industry. Do you have any to add? What trends are you most excited about?

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