You don’t need to change your name or logo to rebrand. We can all benefit from a little introspection and self-improvement. Here are the 25 questions that you’ll want to answer to stand out, be noticed and provide the best experience possible.

1.  How does your experience and service stack up against the competition?
2.  How does your image stack up?
3.  What message is the competition pushing?
4.  What do you do or sell that’s different than the competition?

Your Team
5.  What does your staff feel you do well?
6.  What would your staff change?
7.  How would your staff define your best customer?

8.  If your company was a person, what would they be like?

9.  Where do your current customers live?
10. Where are your best customers?
11. What competitors are between your location and your best customers

Birds of a Feather
12. What product usage/buying traits are common among your best customers?
13. What do your best customers look like (demographics, psychographics, life stages)

14. In a blind survey, do your customers name you first for your category? If not, who?
15. Also blind, who do your non-customers name first? Have they ever heard of you?
16. How does this awareness align with market share?
17. How many total different options do customers use in your category?
18. Of those options, who do they consider to be their “primary” provider?
19. How do the results of all of these questions differ from market-to-market or location-to-location?

Purchase Criteria
20. What factors make a customer’s “primary” provider, primary?
21. How do they prefer to interact with you (in-person, phone, computer, etc.)
22. When shopping for a new institution, what do they look for?

23. Do your current customers have a positive, negative or neutral perception of you?
24. Of the non-customers who know you, do they have a positive, negative or neutral perception of you?
25. What, specifically, are the most cited perceptions (convenient, terrible service, beautiful building, etc.)

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