The 5 things you need to do every day.

The 5 things you need to do every day.
Finding a 25th and 26th hour in a day may be easier than stumbling upon the Fountain of Youth or sharing a pint with a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow.




There’s a direct correlation … the more ink we have on our calendars, the more our world closes in. Our vision becomes narrow and our focus, laser-sharp. This is when we nail the details, but miss the big picture.




Whether I’m juggling 5-6 clients, training for a marathon, or simply trying to keep my family happy, I find that writing things down is critical.


Lists Save Lives!



Here is a list that you can use every day to make sure you don’t lose focus on the macro-world. As a disclaimer, this will only help from 8am-6pm Mon-Fri, but if you can make your work life more productive and successful, the rewards will spill over and flood the rest of your life in peace and tranquility.


1. Complete Today’s Projects
Too often we don’t make it past this check mark.
This is the time in your day to get lost in the details. But do you REALLY need to do everything on your list?
Prioritize! What most impacts the success of the company and what is essentially “busy work?”
I’ve also learned that you don’t need to meditate or Zen-out on every project. Lets face it, a lot of projects on your list would be just as successful if you took a “get ‘er done” attitude. Relegate your resources accordingly. 
If you can delete, delegate or postpone projects and save time appropriately on other tasks, you’ll have more time in your day to check off boxes 2, 3, 4, and 5.
2. Review the Annual Plan
The reason too many plans collect dust on a shelf is because we get so busy doing the “stuff” that we lose site of the purpose.
Look back
This is your time to measure past projects and see how much you rocked it. Should you repeat the effort? Could you make the idea stronger? Or should you pull a Watergate, burn everything and deny it ever happened? How are you performing against the goals set out in your plan?
Look ahead
What is your next big idea? Does it still make sense?
Remember, even if you chiseled your plan into granite, you don’t need to follow it to the letter. Take some time to look around, recognize if circumstances have changed and adjust accordingly. 
In the words of the great philosopher, Mike Tyson, 
“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”
If you make time to look up and look around, you can be more proactive than reactive.
3. Add Value
Jim Collins will get you from “Good to Great,” but if you want to go from Great to In-fricken-dispensable, take some time every day to add value. 
Look at things differently, have some fun, and ask “What If?”  Eliminate the word “but” from your vocabulary and provide new ideas that no one asked for.
4. Learn Something New
Sometimes the best way to add value is to read other people’s points of view. 
Save Facebook and Pinterest for tonight, but while the sun’s up, spend your social media time on LinkedIn, great blogs (This is your chance to bookmark or follow this blog!!!), quick webinars, whatever.
5. New Business
If you want to grow, you need to venture outside the safety of your four walls. Take some time to research community involvement opportunities, identify and extend a hand to local centers of influence, or, if you’re a credit union, put some time aside for SEG development.
On my list, this is check box #5 … meaning if something gets missed each day … 
Set a realistic expectation based on your company’s goals and your personal priorities. I try to contact 1-2 new people each day.
You don’t necessary have to follow this order, but if you can do all five things every day, you’ll notice a drastic change in your productivity and success. And if you still need more time in your day, click here and let me help eliminate ink on your calendar. We’ll add the 25th hour in the day, find the Fountain of Youth and bring the little green dude with a pint.



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