Everything your front-line staff needs to increase business is in the palm of their hands.

We all have common financial needs. While the details of WHAT we need are unique, we all need to:

  1. Save money: A place, besides our mattress, to set our liquid, day-to-day money aside.
  2. Borrow money: Pay for something that we don’t have the money for right now.
  3. Spend or access money: Be it plastic or paper, we need to spend those dolla’ bills.
  4. Invest money: Put money aside for the future and let the money earn a bit. The Elliot Ness account … it’s “untouchable.”
  5. Manage money: Move, juggle, budget, track, pay bills … you name it.

That’s it! Financial sales is so easy, you can count them on one hand!

Once you understand that everyone has these five basic needs, you can share WHY they should have them all with you:

  • It’s easier: You can make your loan payment from your checking account through online banking any time you want.
  • It’s smart: You can see all of your accounts in one place. If you ever have a problem, concern or question, you make one call … to someone who knows you.
  • You trust us: And that ain’t easy to find nowadays.

We call it The Power of Five

The Power of Five Hand

Every employee should be discussing, with every customer, the benefits of having all five needs fulfilled with you. No one else is asking … so be the first!

It’s a super-easy concept with big-time impact to your team’s sales abilities and your institution’s bottom line.

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