Compelling message … Check
Logo … Check
Phone Number … Check
URL … Check
Disclosures … Check


Not all creative is created equal. Too often, marketers create a great ad and try to reproduce it, element-for-element, in every communication size in the campaign.

Kuhn&Kuhn BillboardTake this billboard, for example. These guys have it goin’ on. There’s no phone number.  There’s not even a web address.

As your potential next customer is driving down the road at 35 miles an hour, you’re LUCKY if you can get them to remember one thing … your name.

 If you can give them a reason to care and get them to remember your name when they get home or to work … you win! In 2018, it’s easy for them to do the rest.

Do you think they are going to start dialing your number while they’re driving? Is your creative and offer REALLY that good?!?  Do you think they are going to pull off to the side of the road to write all your contact information down?  Or, maybe take a picture?

Cornerstone Bank Billboard

Look at this billboard for 3 seconds.
Now, what is their URL? What banks did they used to be? What cities are they located in? Is all this information necessary?

A billboard is a great example, but you need to look at every single media vehicle differently.

Consider the media tools at your disposal: Digital display ads, social media, print, radio, TV/video, outdoor, email, point of sale…  Think about the different places your prospect will be when they encounter your ad: the car, home, work, their phone…  And their mind-set while they are at those places: distracted, shopping, focused elsewhere…

Now, what is a reasonable way for the customer to engage with you while exposed to that particular message, in that particular place, under those particular circumstances?

Once you have your sales flows detailed and a campaign concept approved, look at each element of your campaign to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it disruptive … will it get their attention?
  • Is it consistent with the campaign?
  • Will they remember our name? (Your logo in the bottom right corner may not be enough!)
  • Is the next step of the sales flow obvious? Does the call to action make sense for this tool?

As it relates to billboards, one last tip: Don’t review it at full-size on your computer screen. Shrink it to about 2″X1″. That more like what people will be seeing from a distance.

You chose each tactical element of your campaign for a reason, make sure that the creative message pays off that strategy and doesn’t simply check the boxes.

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