MarketMatch Launches Game-Changing Service

MarketAcuity© combines data analysis, visual creative and channel management in one package for banks and credit unions



August 31, 2020, Dayton, Ohio – MarketMatch, the nation’s only integrated financial marketing solutions company for small-to mid-sized community banks and credit unions, announced today the launch of MarketAcuity©.

Today’s consumers are driving an expectation economy. They expect more from the brands they do business with, particularly financial services. They expect more guidance navigating complex financial situations. What’s more, they expect personally relevant financial solutions offered at the right time rather than one-size-fits-all, generalized options. MarketAcuity empowers banks and credit unions with the insights and answers to meet those expectations.

“Up until now, banks and credit unions had to patch together solutions and manage a cumbersome process to deliver personalized offers that created engagement. With MarketAcuity, the process is simplified into one process, yet is incredibly powerful and built to identify and track the ROI generated per channel,” explains Bruce Clapp, president of MarketMatch. “In effect, you are able to create highly customized messaging per member that speaks to their current needs. In-the-moment marketing if you will.”

Facing unprecedented changes in the financial services sector and increasing customer/member expectations and need, MarketMatch crafted MarketAcuity in partnership with CU Rise Analytics and Prisma Campaigns. MarketMatch is the strategic driver and creative force behind MarketAcuity and the cohesive element that leverages the data analytics expertise of CU Rise and industry-leading channel management from Prisma Campaigns.

An end-to-end, plug-and-play solution, MarketAcuity utilizes advanced analytics to identify key target segments of customers/members, based on a customized outcome strategy, and combines award-winning creative and digitally savvy messaging with intelligent AI-driven channel delivery management. “Now, a bank or credit union can target key opportunities with timely, relevant offers that are responsively presented through an AI engine across multiple digital and traditional channels,” adds Aaron Gregerson, MarketMatch senior vice president and chief digital officer.

MarketMatch serves clients across the country, covering over 35 states since 2002 and has developed a reputation as a leader and innovator of client experience and marketing ROI.

Contact: Bruce A. Clapp, CFMP, President, MarketMatch, 937.832.7894 x101,

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