Are you a teacher, coach or mentor?

If your answer is, “That depends … how much are they’re paying me?” I would suggest that you get your resume ready, because your services won’t be needed much longer.

The right answer is that we are each a teacher, coach and mentor. Which we are at any given time simply depends on the situation.

What’s the Difference?

Teaching is skills focused.

You know how to do something different or better than someone else.

You teach a loan officer how to process an application.

Coaching is focused on professional development. 

Someone wants to achieve a certain level of success and you can help them get there.

You coach a loan officer how to build relationships to increase sales.

Mentoring is focused on personal development.

You help someone to identify their goals and guide them along the path to fulfillment.

You mentor a loan officer to gain the skills necessary to be a better manager. 

Mentoring is built on trust. So, it’s important to note that a mentor does not find a mentee. It must be the mentee that initiates the mentor relationships and identifies the mentor that they trust. The trick is for a mentor to identify when this opportunity arises and be open helping.

Org Chart

It doesn’t matter if your company is eight people strong or 800, we all work together for personal and corporate success … we are a team.

Neither teaching, coach or mentoring follows an org chart. You do not need to be a “boss” to be a coach. You don’t even have to be in the same department!

If you are a “boss,” you are expected to teach and coach to your staff. The really good “bosses” encourage their staff to teach and coach back up.  The best “bosses” and best employees nurture an environment where everyone is empowered and motivated to teach and coach EACH OTHER!

The Process

You simply need to constantly be:

  • Looking for teaching, coaching and mentoring opportunities
  • Cooperatively setting objectives and formulating a plan
  • Checking-in on progress
  • Providing feedback … identifying what is working and what is not
  • Providing reinforcement, motivation and recognition
  • Being open to RECEIVING all of the above

They say that it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a team to grow a business. Whether it’s your first day on the job or your third decade … whether you’re in the c-suite or a cubical, we all have unique sets of skills. We all bring something awesome to the table … that’s why they chose YOU over all those resumes that they received in the first place.  You rock!!!

The best of us are open to learning from the best that everyone has to offer.

We are all teachers, coaches and mentors.

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