Some people look at June and think summer, pool, beach and mojitos. I look at it and think, “how are we doing?”

You should be measuring your success every month, but then again, you SHOULD balance your checkbook every month too … yah, I don’t either!

So … assuming you are one of the 90% of marketers who aren’t O.C.D. about R.O.I., take the month of June to recap the first half of your year.

  • Go back to the objectives in your 2018 strategic plan: This will spell out what you should measure and what your year-end goals are.
  • Annual & Historical Results TrackingExcel is your friend: Create a chart that analyses:
    • Historical results
    • Monthly results
    • Percent of 2018 goal
  • Share what you’ve learned: Report your findings, good or bad, to management. Include:
    • The goal
    • The results to date
    • How the results track against the year-end goal
    • What is working
    • What you’ve learned
    • What you are doing to improve numbers for the second half

Do your numbers need some help? Look at:

  • What does your sales pipeline look like from impressions, to clicks, to conversions, to applications, to new business?
  • This is a numbers game. Are you getting an increase in impressions and awareness? If not, relook at your media placement.
  • If you are getting the impressions, but no engagement?
    • Relook at your call to action. Is it clear? Is it easy? Do you offer a variety of ways for prospects to engage with you?
    • Relook at your offer? Is it clear? How does it stack up against the competition?
    • Relook at your creative. Is there one simple message? Is it impactful?
  • If you are getting an increase in applications but no sales:
    • Do you have a targeting issue? Does your current target not qualify?
    • Does your process need work? Is the application too difficult?
    • Is your underwriting too strict?
    • Does your front line actively sell?

The all-time great coaches can go into the locker room behind at halftime and rework a plan to win the game in the second half. This is your chance to do the same. Where are you at the halfway mark and what do you need to tweak to do even better in the second half?

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