I consider the week between Christmas and New Year’s as the official Countdown Week.

“The Top 100 songs of 2017”
“The Top 10 baby names of 2017”
“The Top 10 news stories of 2017”

In the spirit of Countdown Week, here are the Top 10 articles from the MarketMatch blog in 2017.

Your interests this year were diverse … ranging from branch experience to online only banks, and from advertising tips to branding.

  1. Dear Banks and Credit Unions, Don’t Insult Me!!! 
    Read about one of the worst branch experiences ever … and learn from it.
  2. What’s Wrong with This Ad? How Does It Relate to your Bank or Credit Union?
    Would YOU let this ad run at your bank or credit union?
  3. The Best Time of Year to Promote Key Products. 
    We are often asked by clients when the best time to promote certain products is … so we did some research. Here’s what we learned.
  4. 5 Ways to Get Attention in 8-Seconds. 
    Did you know that the human attention span is not less than that of a gold fish? Have I lost you already?
  5. Executive Branding: More Important Than Your Logo.
    Executive Branding. It’s a hot trend in B2B marketing and something your bank or credit union should consider.
  6. Is Cross-Selling Dead?
    Quick question: is our tried, true and known way of cross-selling financial products dead?
  7. What is the ROI of Your Brand? 
    Your brand is the personality, heart and soul of your institution. It provides the emotional and rational reasons for people to choose you over all the competition.

    Sounds pretty damn “touchy-feely” doesn’t it?!?! How the hell are you supposed to sell THAT to your Board or your CEO?

  8. Are Online Only Banks Your True Competition? 
    You can’t be the nation’s best bank and credit union marketer without keeping our finger on the racing pulse of the banking industry.
  9. “We’re Overthinking Millennials” and “Millennial is the M-Word.” 
    Two great conversations and points of view from industry marketers.
  10. Trash Your Paper Brochures. 
    Are paper brochures a ball-and-chain for your front-line staff?


This article only missed the top 10 by ONE page view, so here’s a bonus.

6 Levels of Influence and How to Use Them.
There are Six Levels of Influence, and you need to treat each differently.


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