In the vast ocean of life, an insignificant ripple, over time and distance, can become a thunderous wave.

A swell that begins miles away, affected by countless unseen factors, nears the shore. Completely different than the one before it … never to be exactly duplicated again. It crests, curls, foams, crashes … stirring up sand, jostling shells, flowing over the beach. While the water and sand remain constant, the path for each individual surge is completely unique – never before traced.

Like each moment in your life, some waves roll in and out, practically unnoticed. Barely disturbing the sands they touch. Others crash with all of nature’s fury. Eroding and forever changing anything in their path.

As unpredictable as nature is … from the delicate lap on the shore to the brute roar of a tsunami … there is one guarantee.

Each wave will always wash back into the sea. Disappearing into the vastness of life … returning to a ripple.

You will experience high tides and low. Every victory earned and every loss suffered is a unique wave. Some gently rolling. Others breaking into surf. The trick is to not lose your head. To not get carried away by any individual wave’s riptide.

See the wave for what it is … temporary. Stand your ground, react, get through it. And know that it will pass. Followed by another completely unique experience.

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