While Huntington Bank does little right, in my opinion, someone in their marketing department hit the ball out of the park with this video series.

See the clips and what they did right.


I am NOT a fan of Huntington Bank. The only reason I ever step into one is because my mortgage broker sold off our loan to them and they require a monthly payment.

In fact, just yesterday, while in a branch to make a payment, I requested basic account history information that the teller of this $100 billion-dollar bank couldn’t provide with her system. She sent me home to look at online banking for data that she did not have access to on her screen.

This is the same branch that did this to my son earlier this year:  A Huntington Bank Experience. What would YOU Do?

Yep, I hate the Huntington. But, someone in florescent green finally got something right.

This video series came out on October 28:

Potty Mouth College Fund (21,730 views)
Potty Mouth College Fund App Video







Bawling Baby Box (19,800 views)
Bawling Baby Box Video







How fun. How poignant. How effective. This video series does a lot right:

It Differentiates
You can say, “If you’re going to have a baby, we can help you save.” Ooooor, you can do this…

They “Get It”
My kids would be going to Harvard if we had the Potty Mouth College Fund App.  These ads give the perception that Huntington clearly understands parents. If I’m about to be a new parent, I want someone who understands and can provide “practical advice.”

It Generates an Emotion
The Bawling Baby Box will “train you to pop-up faster than the babysitter’s boyfriend when your car pulls up.”

Human beings are ruled by emotion. When you move them emotionally, you’re more likely to move them off the couch.  (For more, see page 116 of our new FREE ebook, “Aha Moments.”)

Great Life Stage Approach
Huntington.com/savingscrib is an awesome deliverable for this campaign. It’s loaded with valuable articles like, “Should I be a stay at home mom?” and “How to prepare for outings with multiple kids.” And while you’re surfing through content, a small survey box pops up that asks easy questions meant to qualify you for their inevitable sales follow-up.

Life Stage Sell Sheet ExamplesIf you know anything about me and MarketMatch, you know that we LOVE Life Stage Marketing. It is the best way to reach our customers when they are going through the major life changes that generate the most financial need. (Learn more at “Target People When Their World is Upside Down” or see a portion of a recent presentation about Life Stage Marketig here.) 

We have incorporated the Life Stage approach with several clients:

For the “8 Life Stages You Should Market To” see page 65 of our FREE ebook, “Aha Moments.” Get it here.

In just over a month, these videos have each had roughly 20,000 views, but with more than 1.3 Huntington customers, I would expect a MUCH higher number.

If Huntington wants some free advice, I would recommend evolving this approach to also include: Newly Weds, Moving and Retirement. With the resources that they put in the website and videos, they also need to get more aggressive in promoting it.

If you want to destroy Huntington in YOUR market, contact me.

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