You’ve seen the stats …. Today, they say that your best prospect will be exposed to 5,000-7,000 ads. Some studies, and I find myself in this camp, say it is closer to 13,000 marketing message per day!

But maybe I’m wrong, with tools like DVR, ROKU, iHeart Radio and XM, maybe we’re filtering out more. And, “exposed,” is a funny word, isn’t it? I’m confident that several hundred ads pop-up on my computer screen every day, but I don’t know if I “see” 10% of them. So, with more clutter and smarter filters, what’s a company to do?

The future (and present) of intelligent, impactful, successful marketing is in content.

“Enough about you, lets talk about me”

Content marketing is the art of reaching your consumers without selling. It is building a relationship. You’re not trying to interrupt their focus on other entertainment, your content is the focus and entertainment. Instead of screaming about your big sale, you are providing valuable information that will make someone better – you are positioning yourself as the thought-leader in your industry. You’re building trust before the customer lays down a dime. It’s not about you, it’s about them!

By 2020, Millennial spending in the US will represent about 30% of total retail sales. And Millennials are the first generation to be truly open to content marketing. They understand that your end-goal is to provide valuable information in return for the chance at their hard-earned money and loyalty – and that’s OK. If the content is unique, relatable and trustworthy, your chances at their patronage increase. Because, it is always easier to do business with “Friends.”

That’s why I write these articles each week. It works. Bank and CU executives read them, you are right now. At MarketMatch, our ideas are our product. If you read our stuff, you see what we can do without me littering your inbox or mailbox. And, maybe, just maybe, it’ll make you a bit of a better marketer, too!

Keys to Content Marketing:

  • Be honest and authentic: If you try to write about something you know nothing about, people will see through it like a clean pond on a calm day.
  • Show your individuality, be unique: Have fun with it. Show who you are through your writing. Providing content will differentiate you, but make it clear how you are different through the words you choose and topics you dare to cover.
  • Generate emotion: This isn’t a white paper that you’re writing. Make your audience feel – feel good, feel smart, feel happy, feel motivated, feel entertained. They can even feel angry. It’s not bad to moderate a touchy topic every once in a while.
  • Keep it short: Pack as much knowledge as you can into the fewest words. Infographics are awesome! Fifty-five percent of Millennials say that they watch several videos per day. Can you do a 1-2 minute clip? Pretend you’re talking to someone with ADD. One topic, a few key points, lots of bullets and pictures then get out.
  • Technology matters: 72% of Millennials want content to be multi-platform: desktop, mobile and tablet. Make sure your content is dynamic and responsive.

With the right content marketing strategy and info, you will prove to your audience that you are different, you will help make them better people and ultimately more loyal before they ever spend a dime and you will annihilate your competition.

Hey, check it out. I just realized that Michael Hutchence and the boys from INXS can deliver this content while tossing cue cards in the background:

At ninety-eight, we all rotate…

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