Chapter Two: My office mate has dog breath.

Chances are you know some or all of MarketMatch’s core team … your A team. But you probably don’t know about our dedicated second stringers. Unsung heroes who work behind the scenes daily, tirelessly providing emotional and mental support with their chill demeanors and calming presence …

But they’re NOT on payroll.

They are, however, on our desks.

On our laps.

On the floor at our feet.

They are, as you’ve probably guessed, our pets.

As an employee of a virtual company, my home is my office. Like the rest of the MarketMatch team, this means that my closest “workplace proximity associates” (Thank you, Ron Swanson) are my two dogs.

This is Otty, one of my Border Terriers.  He might stop by for a head scratch or belly rub, or to make sure my breakfast bowl is cleaned of every last bit of oatmeal, but for the most part he’s just “there” … doing dog stuff like chasing rabbits in his sleep. Of course, the health benefits of having a pet (dogs or cats) are well documented …

  • Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets.
  • People with dogs have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those without pets.

True, there are a lot of great BENEFITS to having pets around you while you work. No doubt why some more of the more progressive companies out there have Pet Friday. But for now I want to get back to introducing the team. So without further adieu, here’s the MarketMatch pet crew …

Cooper, MN                           Koda, NE                     Molly, OH                               Paolo, OH

Ms. Dixie, OH               Rudy, NE            Top to Bottom: Brooke, Hera, Hot Rod, Wynona, Lillian, Team Gagliano, OH

Recently, we refreshed our brand and decided that the concept Marketing Without Limits captured the essence of the benefit we offer to customers as a virtual marketing firm. Sometimes, Marketing Without Limits looks like a great ad campaign, or the outside-the-box thinking we bring to your strategic planning sessions. But other times, it looks like a work environment without the usual cube city structures, where dogs and cats stop by throughout the work day to check on us and to tell us in their own quiet way, “It’s all good.”