I have my home for sale
(If anyone’s looking to move to the Dayton, Ohio area in a great neighborhood, let me know!)

I have my home for sale
(If anyone’s looking to move to the Dayton, Ohio area in a great neighborhood, let me know!)

Every time we have a showing, I must remove 5 dog crates, clean 2 litter boxes, load up 7 dogs and 2 cats into ONE vehicle and make sure that there is no hint that ANY of that occurred. I leave behind a house that looks (and smells) pet-free. Trust me, it aint easy!!!

The other day, I had a showing request for 9AM. So I had limited time to do all of that AND had to take time off work. Well, the crates came down, the litter was cleaned and hidden, the dogs and cats were loaded up and off we went to wait … and wait … and wait… The Realtor was a no-show.  No cancellation, just didn’t come.

The kicker, he rescheduled for this morning and allowed his prospective buyer to sit in the cold for nearly a half-hour before he showed up.

The point is three-fold:



  1. His negative experience for his client is affecting OUR sale!!
  2. His unprofessionalism is affecting MY temper
  3. The dude is a class-A ARSS (apathetic Realtor sluggishly selling – yah, I know it’s a stretch, but it made for a funny headline)

This particular Realtor is someone who forgets that his job affects people’s lives.





  • This is clearly a large and important purchase for his client
  • I’m leaving the home that I raised 2 children (and many, many animals) in

This is emotional. This is IMPORTANT! 

As financial ambassadors, we can NEVER forget that what we do for a living affects people’s lives. I don’t know why someone walked through your front door – but I guarantee that it had to do with MONEY. 

We can never let anything … day-to-day boredom, a bad day, long hours … anything cloud our focus on that one simple fact! As you communicate to your team this week … please make sure that they remember what they do and who they do it for.

Tell them, “Don’t be an Arss!”







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