“Great Scott!!!”



Do you remember how old the 50’s seemed when Marty McFly took that DeLorean from 1985 to 1955?

Remember the clothes, the cars and soda shop?  The service received at the gas station? Remember the idea of a black man running for political office? Or, how Marty’s DeLorean looked like something driven straight out of a sci-fi comic book?





Here’s were MY mind gets blown…

The difference between Marty’s 1985 and his parent’s 1955 is exactly the same as if the flux capacitor took us from today to the day the film was released. 

Unless something VERY drastic happens soon, we will not have the flying cars promised in Back to The Future II’s 2015. Or the automatic laces on Marty’s Nikes.  But, think about how a 1985 Marty would look at today’s differences:




  • In 1985, cell phones were the size of bricks – and few people carried them
  • There was no internet to learn about anything you want at any time
  • No video-chat
  • Computers filled rooms – now we carry them in our pocket
  • Newspapers were paper – not on iPad screens
  • No email, or text or social media
  • Barack Obama
  • TVs all sat on the floor
  • Unless you made a mix tape, you had to listen to one album at a time on your Walkman


Two thoughts come from all this:
  1. As marketers, we need to keep in mind the difference between how the world looks now to Millennials and how it looks to Boomers or Gen X.
  2. Aside from nearly everything that “www” touches, some medical breakthroughs, and of course fashion – 2015 isn’t too much different than 1985. It certainly isn’t the Jetsons-style world that we all thought it would be. Where the heck’s my flying car!!!
But, I guess I don’t need a flying car if I never have to leave the house.  I can deposit checks with a picture, transfer funds on my laptop, pay bills without checks and apply for loans online. Maybe if I had a flying car, I’d go into the branch just for a reason to drive it.
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