Alright, so you know that you want to do video marketing. Here are a few tips to do it right:

1. Story, Not Sales

This may be hard for many. While the OBJECTIVE of the video is to sell product, you can’t be “salesy.”  People want to be entertained, not sold. Think about all your favorite videos.

2. Length Matters

Video Length and Audience EngagementNo, this isn’t a “that’s what she said,” joke. Seriously, if you want your audience engaged, you must be more Edgar Allen Poe and less Steven King.  Think short stories … you’re not filming The Godfather, here.

The average video retains 37% of viewers all the way to the end. (Hubspot, updated August 2017)

And get to the point. Your audience is most engaged in the first 10 seconds. You have that long to set the tone and “hook them.”  I’m not saying to SELL your product in the first ten seconds (See tip #1), I’m saying get their interest … then weave in your brand message.

56% of all videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long. (Hubspot, updated August 2017)

3. Pretend You’re At a Party

Who do you remember from parties? The woman who makes you laugh? The man who tells an exciting story?

What about the humdrum guy who constantly drones on about his job?  Hell no!

The worst thing you can do is create a BORING video. You’ll be wasting time and money.  Make your audience FEEL something. Make them laugh. Make them think. Make them cry. Make them scared.

4. Get Found

Like anything on the web, you need to help the spiders find you. It’s all about optimization.

Don’t get too cute with your title. Keep it short (like your video) and include the keywords where you want your video ranked.

Before you upload the video, tag it with relevant keywords. You may know the organic search terms form your digital marketing or you may just list the words that explain where you want your video categorized. Unlike the actual video, this is where your product and sales are more important than the story you told. Keep the tags focused on your business and less on the funny.

Like the tags, you’ll also want to provide a full description of the video. When you write your description, your target isn’t consumers, it’s Google search spiders. Help them to make sense of what you created.

Types of Video:

Entertainment: You tell your story by not talking about you at all. This may be the most difficult style, but Android did it wonderfully in this video.

Educational: Position yourself as an expert. This can be a “How-To” video or a webinar style. Just remember Tip #3 above! Here’s an example.

Show how to use your product like this Facebook Stickers video.

How does your product effect people’s lives. Let them tell the story like this Google Earth video.

Here’s a fun demo-style video that a client recently produced (disclaimer: they used a local production company.):


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