Spotify has been picking up more and more users and subscribers of their internet radio app since mid-2014. Three years ago, it looked as though Pandora would continue to dominate the digital radio market. However, as growth of new users stalled for Pandora, Spotify has kept growing.

Which means that if you’re looking for a growing audience to deliver your brand messaging to, Spotify is one of the better ways to do to it. What’s more, last year Spotify release Spotify Ad Studio. This tool is the first self-serve advertising platform for internet radio.

Previously, Spotify advertisers needed to engage with a representative and provide a healthy budget to run ads, Ad Studio reduces those barriers. There are certainly pros and cons to running ads on Ad Studio versus utilizing Spotify’s representatives, here are the top five reasons you should start advertising on Spotify:

  1. Geography. Just like any other digital-based advertising, Spotify allows your brand to target your ads to listeners in a tight geographic area for the most relevance.
  2. Demographics. Looking to run an ad this spring about student checking accounts for graduating high school seniors? Perfect. Spotify can help you do this with ease.
  3. Engagement. One big plus for advertisers on internet radio is the addition of banner ads to go along with the voice ads. Spotify is no different, but they also allow placement of banner ads in more places to encourage engagement.
  4. Ease. Gone are the days of needing to hire outside voice talent to record your spot. Tell Spotify what you want, and they’ll line up the voice talent for your ad.
  5. Fine Tuning. Spotify allows advertisers to fine tune placement of their ads to make the most of their budgets. While targeting, Spotify is also really good at letting you know if the set budget amount is going to be too small or just right.

These are just some of the reasons that Spotify makes a great digital marketing investment. Are you ready to Spotify? Let us know!