Your brand is the sum of all customer experiences.  From your branch curb-appeal, staff appearance, ATM usability, streamlined point of sale processes, staff attitude, website … and call center.

Today, I’d like to focus on increasing customer satisfaction on the phone.

3 Factors That Drive Call Center Satisfaction

Problem Resolution

Of course, you want to make sure problems are getting resolved. But we also want to make sure that the resolution is as smooth as possible.

What percentage of your call issues are getting settled in one-step, with no need for a transfer or future call back?  The faster and smoother the customer experience, the better the perception that your team knows what they are doing.

Staff Skillset

Issues set solved faster when your team has the right skillset.  But, “skillset” is not simply about your people knowing what they are doing.

The surest way to assure quality service and increase one-step resolution is to make sure that your call center team has access to the information that they need, from all departments. Does your team know where to quickly find vital customer info? And do they know how to use it.

Your call center representatives don’t need to know everything about everything, but they should have as many answers as possible at their fingertips.

Call Volume

Arguably, the most important aspect of quality customer service on the phone happens before your team ever says, “hello,” to the customer.

What is the wait time like before a customer speaks to a live person? The longer the wait, the more irritated the caller is before the interaction starts.

What kind of breaks does your call center staff get? Heavy call volume often leads to non-stop calls that transition to weary staff.

Basic analysis may help you to relieve call volume before customers ever pick-up the phone.

  • How many repeat callers do you have? Do 20% of customers make up 80% of your volume? How can you better, pro-actively, communicate with those people?
  • Purpose of call: Do you have a large percentage of calls for consistent reasons? If 30% of your calls concern PIN or password resets, can this be automated?  If 20% of calls concern the same question, can you start to address the question before customers pick up the phone?
    • If the same question is consistently coming from the same demographic, get marketing involved in targeted communications to attempt to reduce call volume.

Ultimately, You Want To:

  • Streamline call resolution so customers get questions or problems resolved fasters, with fewer transfers and only having to explain their issue once.
  • Streamline the processes so call center reps know what info to access and can access all the information they need quickly.
  • Reduce call volume to allow for more patient, focused call representatives and more patient, less angry customers.

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