I’m sorry, but I need to brag a bit. I just received one of the best compliments a speaker can ever get!

This week, I spoke at the Western Independent Bankers Education Summit in Anaheim. It was a great conference with tracks in Technology & Operations, Finance, Lending, HR and, of course, Marketing.

The evening after I spoke, I was told by a group that my session was so loud that it disrupted other sessions. Mind you, they weren’t complaining! They said that my group was laughing and having such a good time, they wished that they were in it.

Me speaking at the conferenceOf course, it was disruptive … it was the MARKETING track!!! That’s what we do!

One more quick story about this conference. The marketing session before mine only had 18 attendees. Now, I flew from Ohio to California for this and was gonna be damned if I’d only talk to 18 people. So, before my session, which was located at the very end of a long hall, I worked the crowd like a carnival barker. Inviting … no, demanding … everyone to make the loooong walk down the hall to my session. Assuring them that they put the best session in the last room.

That hour, I worked for, educated and entertained roughly 50 people!

You see, whether you are walking into a job interview, a bar or speaking at a conference, you must own it. You have to have swagger. You need to be disruptive!

The same goes for your brand and marketing. No one pays attention to the quiet “wall flower.” People remember “life of the party” and they are always having fun, making people laugh, and getting noticed.

Is your brand and marketing ho-hum and forgettable? Or is it disruptive, demanding to get noticed … The kind that people wish they were at?

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