The folks in MadMen had it so easy. They’d create a fun print and TV ad, then sit back with a scotch on the rocks, waiting for results.

 It ain’t like that today.

Today, you need to reach people on their phones and computers. They can be anywhere … and often are. You need a good digital strategy. And, to be a sound digital strategist, you must be able to check off every item in this list.

 Strategy & Planning

With digital, we can get more targeted than we ever could before. We go beyond basic geographic and demographic criteria and focus on the targets web history and how they search to deliver specific ads to individual, finely tuned audiences. 

  • Campaigns are based on strategies, segments and objectives

Setting up your digital campaign is the key to it’s success. It is not uncommon to run dozens of ads to several different targets across a few unique strategies … all at one time!

  • What combination of SEM, Display or Facebook do you use?
  • Is your audience mobile or in-home?
  • Understand what you want the target to do
  • Do you use Text Ads, Display Ads, or both?
  • Campaign MappingDefine your Ad Groups based on different targets and objectives
  • Key word analysis:
    • Understand how your target searches
    • consider positive and negative key words
  • Make ads actionable
  • Remarket to those who have been to your site

Buying and Bidding
We no longer study rate cards and analyze CPM (cost per thousand). Today, we’re “bidding” for exposure.

  • Estimate your results in advance with bid simulators
  • Determine a bid strategy
    • Understanding pricing (ranking, budget depletion)
    • Identifying the right daily budget based on your objectives
      • Do you want Impressions, Clicks or Conversions?
  • Understanding an ad’s “Quality Score” to increase your position and lower your cost

Ads are no longer “set it and forget it.” You need to track your campaigns progress several times per week, adjusting bids and refocusing emphasis on certain ads.

  • Tracking performance of bids, ad groups, key words
  • Tracking impressions, clicks and conversions against goals
  • Adjusting accordingly
  • Reporting and ROI


Web Design
With digital, your web pages are now your call to action. Even with a sound strategy and great ads, your web page still plays a roll in what position your ad shows in and how much you pay. 

  • Call to action – Don;t send prospects to your Home page. Use dedicated, message-specific pages.
  • Understand the online user experience that you send them too
  • Make your page a quick read
  • Assure obvious call to action(s): Provide an “act now” and “give me info” call to action.
  • Match your page with the campaign goals
  • Make mobile navigation easy

Create Ads
You should pre proficient in a number of ad styles and understand the advantages and limitations of each:

  • Text Ad LimitationsText
  • Display
  • Video

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t have a scotch on the rocks while you set up your digital campaigns, but this is certainly not MadMen advertising. Digital is more highly strategic and comprehensive than traditional marketing.

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