Marketers are The Great Communicators. Its what we do for a living.

That said, they should also:

  • Have perfect marriages
  • Be the common bond between all of your business units
  • Understand your customer better than anyone

No matter if you want to run your business better, sell more or make life easier at home, it is all about relationships. And relationships are all about COMMUNICATION!

Your marketer may be your company’s “talker,” the one sharing ideas between departments, or always promoting product. But the “talking” is only part of the larger communication puzzle. If we look at communication as 50% Conveying a Message and 50% Listening, then the words you use are only a fraction of the “Convey” half. To share a message you use: 1) Words, 2) Tone and 3) Non-Verbal Cues.

We all think about the talking when we think communication, but I would argue that the most important aspect of communication is LISTENING.

Is your Marketer your company’s best listener?

What do you hear more: “I like this headline,” or “Our target will like this headline?”

As marketers we need to be asking questions:

  • Conduct branch intercepts to ask customer’s about their preferences
  • Split-test email Subject Lines to see what resonates
  • Don’t get caught in the trap of assuming everyone is the same

If Marketing is all about Relationships, it would help to understand the 5 Love Languages, a concept by Gary Chapman.

The idea is that people respond more positively and feel more loved when their partner demonstrates it in one of 5 ways:

  1. 5 Love LanguagesWords of Affirmation: Telling them you love them
  2. Acts of Service: Doing something kind for them
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Quality Time
  5. Physical Touch

It turns out that I’m a “Quality Time” guy (though “Physical Touch” is nipping at it’s heels). Find out your preference here.

The point for Marketers is that a “Free Toaster” doesn’t speak to everyone. Many people are more satisfied with a handwritten “thank you” note or random call to tell them they are appreciated (Words of Affirmation). Others will stay with you forever if you can make their life easier or proactively show them how they can save money (Acts of Service). Still, more may just want a hug – you can work that out with your HR folks.

Whether it is your spouse or customer, you’ll only know what they prefer if you listen and pay attention. Most often, the Greatest Communicators are the ones who say the least, but make it the right message at the right time.

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