The average Super Bowl 30-second ad cost nearly $5 million. That’s $166,667 per second! And that’s just for the air. It doesn’t count the production cost and agency ransom.

For that kinda scratch, your ad better be memorable, right?  More importantly, it had better push product.

In the comments section below, can you name the following 10 Super Bowl advertisers?:
Win a Kevin HartWillem Monroe1) Who showed Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino’s Super Bowl party?
2) What car company made an old astronaut feel young again?
3) One word: “Puppymonkeybaby.”
4) What company sponsored the halftime show?
5) What unlikely car did bank robbers steal as a get away car? “Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.”
6) Who turned Willem Dafoe into Marilyn Monroe?
7) What snack did the fetus want to get it’s hands on?
8) What car did Kevin Hart follow on his daughter’s first date?
9) What did the weiner stampede run towards?
10) What advertiser’s PSA wants you to turn off the water when you brush your teeth?Weiner Stampede
Bonus: Just for fun, tell us your favorite Super Bowl ad of all time.

(We’ll post the answers in the comments of this article on Feb 19.)

For every blank or wrong answer above, that’s $5 million wasted. You want your message to be seen and heard. You need it to differentiate.  It must be memorable. When done right, it will tell your brand story and evoke emotion. But if your target can’t tie the message back to your brand, you’re in trouble.

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