And their tagline is “Welcome.” Oh the irony!

My 12-year-old son tried to open his first savings account today.

What would your branch have done?



My bank and credit union friends, I need to share … vent … whatever.

And I need YOU to tell me if I’m overreacting. Perhaps … as a bank and credit union marketing consultant, service trainer and experience crafter … my expectations have become too overblown.

All summer my 12-yesr-old son mowed lawns and has been saving up. He has about $150 and wanted to open his “first” bank account. He’s had an account at our credit union since he was 6 months old, but A) he didn’t open it and B) he wanted a branch nearby so he could get to his money.

We live right next door to a Huntington Bank. Something that he can walk to in about a minute. So, we decided, tonight, to pop over to Huntington to open that account. The time was pushing 5:00 PM, so I knew it was tight, but not knowing their hours, we walked over. We entered the branch at 4:55. There was one teller transaction happening and no other customers. There were also three bankers sitting at empty desks.  I told the teller what we wanted to do and she referred us to someone who I believe is the branch manager.

Now, for my boy, this is a big deal … this is his first in-person experience with a bank (and the Huntington brand!).
The manager told us that we would have to make an appointment to come back because they close in a few minutes and it would take too long to open the account. He understood that this was for a simple custodial account – not checking. He asked if I was a customer and I assured him that I have my mortgage with them (only because it was sold-off to them – not my choice!). “You see that house, right there? You have it’s mortgage.”  It turns out that he asked about MY account because it would make HIS job easier in opening the new savings account … but he still couldn’t do it now. And tomorrow will be tough too because he’s going on vacation soon and needs to “get some things cleaned up before he leaves.” Clearly, he is the only one in the entire branch qualified to open accounts. The whole time he’ll be on vacation, I guess it’ll be transaction business only!

And their tagline is “Welcome.” (They even trademarkedit!!!)  Oh, the irony!!!


Would your branches stay a few minutes late and open this child’s first saving account? Or would you turn him away for coming in near close?

Be honest, am I overreacting because it’s my son … or because when I speak to credit union and community bank associations, I say, “You judge you’re best service at 4:45 on a Friday afternoon”?

The only guarantee in this example is that we sure as heck are not going back to Huntington. And when Ben is an adult, I know he will remember this experience and drive by any Huntington for his financial needs.

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