Put a Little Love in Your Heart.

Think about it … when people walk through our front door or dial our call centers, most of the time they REALLY need us! We have far more people call us when life is kicking them in the gut than when they are receiving a huge inheritance from a filthy-rich uncle that they hardly know.

     “My utilities are about to be cut off.”
               “My car just died.”
                         “I’ve been laid off.”

The fun-loving folks at Coke don’t see nearly as many troubled people as we do, but they “get it.”

This ad says, “When life sucks, suck down a Coke.”






This ad was launched during the Oscars and already has about 25,000 views on YouTube.

Now, the most trouble a Coke drinker experiences is when the bubbles go up their nose. If Coke can save a musician, nun, lifeguard and hot dog vendor with a single bottle, what can YOU do while safeguarding and lending people MONEY?!?!

Change the product and this ad speaks to everything that community banks and credit unions tout … helping people, community involvement, giving, Speedo wearing bodybuilders … well, almost everything.





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