Your Top 10 MarketMatch Articles of 2014

Your Top 10 MarketMatch Articles of 2014

If it’ll grow a bank or credit union, we’ll write about it. 

This year, we focused on everything from branding, service issues, focusing your marketing plan, segmentation and more. We went outside the industry to discuss Comcast and Chick-Fil-A. We shared best practices from our bank and credit union clients from all over the country. And we blew your mind with a devastating realization about Back to the Future.

Through it all, you learned about some of our team’s quirks. We tried to make you laugh, make you think and earn your business. 
As you sit at your desk “trying to look busy” these weeks of Christmas and New Years, we wanted to give you some great reading material. 

Here are the top 10 articles from the MarketMatch blog this year.

10. How Does Your Branch Change Lives?

Every single day, the seemingly mundane transactions in our branches, change lives. The unfortunate truth, however, is that our staff often forget.
9. Annual Marketing Plan … Your ONE Big Thing.

Do you want to be a series of promotions or REALLY known for one thing?
8. Nice But … But …An article in Psychology Today, highlights the one word that can be holding you back … BUT.
7. Everything You Want To Know About Generational Segmentation in 5 Minutes

When you know WHO you are talking to, you can better craft your message and offer.  Here’s a quick primer and what makes pretty much everyone tick…
6. How Do We Get More Auto Loans?!?

We don’t see a whole lot of Loan-to-Deposit ratios north of 75% these days.  We all have money to lend and auto loans are certainly on most of our radar screens.
5. Make Them Feel

A meaningful quote from Maya Angelou
4. Six Things About Marketing Your Boss Wants to Know

The key to marketing is making sure that people understand what you are doing and why.  Your boss, or CEO in many cases, is arguably the most important person in this process.
3. Comcast’s Brand Explodes in 8 Minutes. Don’t Let Yours.

One bad apple may not cost you tens of millions, like Comcast, but in this Social Media world, it can impale you. Your people are the soul of your brand, how are they representing you?
2. Don’t Have Service That Defies Logic

Regardless of the illogical decisions made around a boardroom table, a company must allow their front line team the autonomy to do what’s right for customers.
1. Millennials’ Perception of Banking

Viacom Media Network conducted a 3-year survey of 10,000 Millennials concerning 73 companies spanning 15 industries. According to the research, banking is at the highest rate of disruption. We share some findings that should scare the hell out of you … and excite you!

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