Music is at it’s best when it is improvisational.

Music is at it’s best when it is improvisational.

So is great marketing.

The drums (Objectives) lay down the beat that becomes the foundation of everything that is to come.

The bass (Strategy) comes in with a funky rhythm that tells you how the band wants you to groove (Call to Action).

Then the horns (Creative) blare out to demand your attention.

Next thing you know, the guitars (Point of Sale) swoop in and the entire band is jammin’ in perfect unison.  Each piece doin’ it’s own thing, but sticking with the rhythm of the strategy to create something beautiful and completely unique.

There are infinite ways to play the exact same song.  And there are countless ways to execute the same strategy.  The key is to know what your audience wants to hear, then find your voice, your personality and to do it your way.



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