Project Description

The Unity One website as it was had been in its current form for over five years, remaining virtually untouched. In the world of websites, there were so many items that were considered outdated, we knew we needed a complete site overhaul. The strategy behind designing and implementing a new website was to time the launch of the website along with our refreshed brand and corporate identity. This way, both the website and the brand would mirror each other to create a consistent experience for our members and visitors. The objectives behind the redesign of the Unity One website were:

  • Redesign the Unity One website from top to bottom to increase user functionality, improve navigation, improve mobile device rendering and incorporate the new brand identity for Unity One.
  • Develop an improved sitemap that consolidates page content where possible to provide a better user experience. Develop a sitemap based on page popularity on the current site.
  • Condense content to make the new site more readable and make the call to actions clear and concise.
  • Develop a site that embraces current technology and device trends while also looking forward to new technology applications.