More Accurate Messaging, More Share of Wallet

With MarketAcuity© powered by MarketMatch

Marketing would be so much easier if customers just picked up the phone and told you exactly what they need. MarketAcuity© is that bridge—the complete trifecta of data analytics, lead generation, and share of wallet growth in one personalized package that provides in-the-moment message and campaign generation based on current, potential and new customer activity.

MarketAcuity, powered by MarketMatch, is designed to accomplish this at multiple levels of your organization by using a balance of retention and growth (organic and acquired).

  • Current customers: Grab more share of wallet with MarketAcuity’s data analytics tool and unique delivery platform. Do more with the right customers in your current customer base!
  • Potential customers: MarketAcuity is a lead generation and nurturing engine to bring consumers to you and nurture the right ones to conversion.
  • New customers: From the moment of conversion, MarketAcuity begins onboarding your customers and introducing them to your brand, making them more likely to engage.

With MarketAcuity, you employ its advanced learning to drive messaging and offers that are relevant and timely.

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MarketMatch has assembled a collaborative team of industry leaders to deliver MarketAcuity©, including CU Rise Analytics and Prisma Campaigns.  Each brings their unique and powerful solutions to MarketAcuity.