Compared to past campaigns, after one month of digital media planning and buying, there was a 19.4% increase in total impressions, a 458.4% increase in total clicks, a 361.9% increase in CTR and 14 tracked conversions!

ANECA Federal Credit Union

Shreveport, Louisianna
Located in Shreveport, Louisiana, ANECA Federal Credit Union has more than $106 million in assets and more than 6,500 members. Nearly 50% of area’s market share is owned by only three banks: Capital One, Chase and Regions, leaving ANECA to differentiate as the fun, local, alternative to “take a number” banking.

The credit union supports its “We’re Different That Way” position with a mission to support the economic growth and development of the Shreveport/Bossier area. And, it has paid off with 132% market share growth from 2016-2017.

The Project:

Digital Media Planning and Buying

The campaign:

Own It campaign

The Challenge:

ANECA Federal Credit Union has been a MarketMatch client since September 2015. Though MarketMatch was engaged as their agency of record, ANECA had been using a local digital media buyer but was realizing moderate results for past campaigns. Past campaign budgets were dedicated solely to display banner ads with a focus on achieving the most impressions possible.

As ANECA prepared to launch their “Own It” auto loans campaign in Summer 2017, featuring a rate of 1.74% APR and no payments for 90-days, MarketMatch was engaged to develop a digital media plan as aggressive as the offer.

The Solution:

Utilizing the exact same digital advertising budget from prior campaigns (that is, without raising costs), MarketMatch created a digital marketing strategy that included:

  • A tightly targeted geographic and demographic audience
  • A wider and more diverse mix of paid digital ad media:
    • Digital display
    • SEM (Keyword text ads)
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
  • Employing remarketing ads to those who visited the campaign landing page but did not convert
  • The use of conversion tracking on the campaign landing page to track effectiveness

Measurable Results:

In short, the results were tremendous. After one month of running digital ads (during a two-month campaign), ANECA experienced the following results:

  • 191,396 total impressions (19.4% increase from past campaigns)
  • 1,854 total clicks (458.4% increase from past campaigns)
  • CTR of 0.97% (361.9% increase from past campaigns)
  • 14 tracked conversions

Additionally, MarketMatch monitors the bid strategy and budgets on ad campaigns to ensure results continue to trend positively. The overall strategy, launching with a large online exposure, then moving to a focus of conversions during the campaign, is a key component of increasing the tracked conversion and ultimately positive ROI for the campaign.