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Solving the Attention Deficit Problem

At the MarketMatch holiday party last December, we made a stop at a gourmet burger [...]

Emotion: The Key to Engagement and Sales

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, “Going viral,” had a completely different meaning. Back [...]

Don’t Send Email

I signed up for a daily email newsletter the other day from Runner’s World. As [...]

The Best Time of Year to Promote Key Banking Products

In 500 B.C. if you needed answers, you sought out Confucius. A hundred years later, [...]

Not All Deregulation is Good

Net neutrality. Okay, stay with me! I promise this won’t be boring! Net neutrality. Commonly [...]

6 Levels of Influence and How to Use Them

There are Six Levels of Influence, and you need to treat each differently. Here are [...]

Why Have Marketing in Operational Meetings?

We’re dealing with “big boy” issues of ACH or fee accrual … there’s no glitter, [...]

Mergers and Communication

If you are merging with another institution, here are a few things to consider, from [...]

What Your Product Line Says About Consumer Choice

Choices. They’re all around us. Every day, we are faced with a litany of them [...]

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